1996The company was established under the name NetJapan (Tsukasa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) in 1996,
offering localization services along with the distribution of Japanese versions of innovative foreign products in Japan.
2008Changed its business model from distributor to publisher of its proprietary software.
Began development of ActiveImage Protector in 2008.
2009Released ActiveImage Protector v2.5 and
ActiveImage Protector for Express 5800/ft Server (for NEC Express5800/ft server).
2010Launched ActiveImage Protector Virtual Environment License.
Released “ActiveImage Protector for Hyper-V with ReZoom”. Released “PowerX ActiveImage Protector Pro” for personal market.
Released “PowerX ActiveImage Protector Pro” for personal market.
2011Released “ActiveImage Protector for Express 5800/ft Virtual” and “ActiveImage Protector for CLUSTERPRO” (for NEC products).
2012Released ActiveImage Protector 3.5 with the innovative Inline Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature.
2014Released ActiveImage Protector 4.0 Linux Edition for Linux server.
2015Released “vStandby”, a virtual standby availability solution bypassing restore process,
“ImageBoot” enabling to immediately start a virtual machine from any ActiveImage Protector backup image file, “ImageCenter LE”, Image Management Tool,
and “vStandby AIP, instant disaster recovery solution.
2016Released “ActiveImage Protector 2016” for enterprise and
“ActiveImage Protector 4” for personal market.
2017Released “ActiveImage Protector 2018” for enterprise,
2017 Released “ActiveImage Protector 2018”. Released “ActiveImage Protector 5” for personal market.
2018Released “ActiveImage Deploy USB“, deployment solution.
Released ActiveVisor, centralized management console for ActiveImage Protector.
2019Released “ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update” built with “HyperAgent”, agentless backup feature.
Released “ActiveImage Protector for RDX” for Tandberg Data.
2020Released “HyperBoot”, a solution for booting ActiveImage Protector™ backup image files as virtual machines by providing an interim availability solution to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery.
July 1
Changed the company name from NetJapan Inc. to Actiphy Inc.
Released ActiveImage Protector 2022