FAQ – ActiveImage Deploy USB

Q1:What is ActiveImage Deploy USB ?

ActiveImage Deploy USB is designed for VARs, OEMs and system integrators to clone PC’s or preconfigured systems using only a bootable USB memory drive.

The Deploy USB memory uses ActiveImage Protectors backup and recovery engine for quick, easy and reliable deployments using.

Q2:What are the differences between ActiveImage Deploy USB and ActiveImage Deploy USB Plus ?

You can perform cloning using both products with a license.

However ActiveImage Deploy USB Please allows you to create and use “USB recovery memory” that can be used to restore the system back to a factory state upon failure.

Q3:Does ActiveImage Deploy USB or ActiveImage Deploy USB Plus include USB memory ?

No, USB memory is not included in the product.

Please purchase the required number of USB devices with enough space for saving a master image to deploy.

Q4:Please tell us how to calculate the required capacity of the USB memory ?

Two partitions are created in one USB memory.

  • 1.5GB is allocated to one partition for the boot environment.
  • The remaining space is allocated the other partition for image storage.

The image file is compressed to approximately 70% of the original file size and saved on the partition.

If using Windows 10, the image size will be 8GB at minimum, so a USB memory with 16GB or more space is required. We recommend you purchase USB memory with a minimum of 32GB.

Q5:Is an internet connection required to use the product ?

The internet is used for license activation, so access is required when creating and updating Deployment USB media.

When deploying a master image from USB media, internet access is not required.

Q6:Is it possible to save multiple images in one USB media ?

Its isn’t possible to have more than one image.

For example, if deploying 4 patterns of computer systems to 100 PCs, you would need to create 4 master image files.

One for each computer systems and also create USB media for each image to deploy to target PCs.

Q7:Can I use the same USB media for deployment and restore ?

Deploy and Restore media differ and you to be created separately for their respective uses.

Q8:Please let us know the number of licenses required for deploying a master image ?

1 license of ActiveImage Deploy USB / or ActiveImage Deploy USB Plus is required to deploy a master image to a target computer.

For example, if deploying to 80 computers, you need to purchase 80 licenses.

There is no license required to the install ActiveImage Deploy USB for creating Deploy / Restore USB media or creating master images to deploy.

Q9:I want to try using ActiveImage Deploy USB, but how ?

We can provide evaluation versions of ActiveImage Deploy USB for Desktops.

Q10:Tell us about annual support services.

One license includes the first year of support services.

Support services include technical support and update services. Upgrades can be applied only to unused licenses.

Optionally you can purchase support services for the additional years when purchasing a license.

When purchasing ActiveImage Deploy USB Plus license and support services for multiple years, please purchase them together as you cannot purchase support services only.