Secret Agent-less!

It’s no secret. Agent-Less backup AND restore is here.

Matt and Robert will be Webinaring about this on Wednesday at 10:30am PT from a grotto in Byrn Mawr……..near Redlands.

Don’t worry, we’ll be loud and clear when addressing Agent-less backup and restore.

All you need is a hypervisor, a monitor, an internet connection, a link, speakers, and a willingness to follow our logic as we discuss the absence of an agent on the virtual machine within your hypervisor.

What does agent-less mean anyway? How many VMs can I back up? How many can I restore? Will Frisco and Felicia ever get back together? Why is it called a parkway? Nobody parks there. Why is it called a driveway? People park there. If he wasn’t in danger, why did he have to be transferred? Who got the answer to Why? Is there a cloud involved in all this talk about less?

Join us (Matt and Robert) for our latest webinar on Actiphy’s ActiveImage Protector’s Agent-Less Backup and Restore.

Wednesday, October 26th @ 10:30am


See you there.