No WEB for the Query & Portal-bility

Greetings and Salutations,

AAS I was saying before, ISOlated networks are ISOlated. No WEB for the query. Join Matt and Robert for another round of “I’ve Been ACTiphy’d!”
Acronyms, what a concept. Urban contraction form words, jst gotta luv em.

AAS, is an acronym for Actiphy Authentication Service. This service is especially cool for MSPs or SysAdmins that maintain isolated networks that do not have access to the Internet but DO rely on AIP for backup and recovery.
We’ll talk about how YOU can activate and authenticate your AIP installations not one, but THREE ways.

MFMSPs (More For MSPs). If managing AIP activations in a closed network wasn’t enough, how about monitoring tasks remotely? Yes, save your car fare because by using the Actiphy Portal, you can see just how your scheduled backup, replication, bootability, integrity checking, verification, and consolidation routines are doing from anywhere you are.

So, join Matt and Robert for an enlightenment on AAS and Actiphy’s portal.

When: Thursday, March 24 at 9am PDS (Pacific Daylight Shifting)   

From Virtually Anywhere:

See US There.