New: Updated ActiveVisor Build Released.

New build v6.0.2.1507 now available for download. See below for added functions, updated compatibility, and fixes.

Added and Updated Features

  • Push Install for agents only, supports setup and patch files for versions or later.
  • Push Uninstall feature is integrated into Install dialog.
  • Improved the tree structure in [Client] tab.
  • Authentication is now required to access and operate the agent.

Fixed Issues

-Push Installing using a setup file for agents earlier than version fails to register the product in the system. Consequently, ActiveVisor does not recognize product installation.
-Items were incorrectly sorted in the status column.
-After identifying an item with a badge displayed next to it in the filter tree, relaunching the console displays the item with a badge again.
-Right-clicking a client in off-line status displays [Power-on] invalid in the right-click menu.
-When dragging and dropping multiple computers from the client list to a folder, not all were moved to the folder but remained in the client list.
-In [Site Configuration], settings to purge the Event Log from 31 to 89 could not be configured.
-Monitoring using Web console failed.
-Editing some settings failed in the following wizards.
-Backup Template Wizard / Backup Wizard.
-Create Agent Setting Template wizard / Agent Setting wizard.

Details (Release Notes)