Webinar: Let’s talk about boots and clouds!

No, let’s talk about the Super Bowl.
Yay, Super Bowl……..

Yeah, but what do boots have to do with the annual rite of the largest consumption of guacamole and buffalo wings in a single day? Pretty much nothing. Just to be fair, the Los Angeles Rams of Inglewood won the game.
On that day during the game, it’s the best time to shop anywhere, and eat anywhere that doesn’t have a big screen TV. (NO CROWDS!) Yes, Super Bowl Sunday becomes the day of get-togethers to watch the final NFL game of the year. Let’s not forget the glut of Rom-Com movies available on every channel and streaming service.

I’m now bored with helmets, footballs, and turf. Back to “Boots and Clouds”. It’s not just boots on the ground, we now have boots in the cloud.

Join Matt and Robert for another webcast go-round as they delve into how ActiveImage Protector has big boots. There’s a scenario for every boot. We’ll show you our three boot types. These aren’t your typical combat or cowboy boots, but boots that continue maintaining your business continuity.

Clouds. We really have a solid segue that ties boots and clouds together. Honest. These webcasts were made for talkin’, that’s just what we’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna save your data and you.

Confidence. Assurance. Peace of mind.

Join us on Thursday, February 17 at 9:00 am PT for an enlightening and entertaining presentation right here→ https://my.demio.com/ref/UKTsHOhHdcjbL3VR

You’ll be glad you did. See you there.
And remember, keep your boots on the ground and keep reaching for the clouds.