Stand By Your Plan..

Stand By……….Wait? Be Ready? Stopgap, Fill in, Replacement, Successor, and Backup (The Noun)

Plan……..What? Intention, Procedure, Strategy, Course of Action, Provision, Cogitation ………That’s not even a word!
Errm, Yes it is.

Be at the ready…..with an actionable strategy.

I feel a country song coming on!

Sometimes it’s hard to do a backup
When you don’t have the space that you need
So what do I do in the meantime
Use Wasabi with AIP
StandBy your Plan
Show that the data’s OK….{Record skips now, needle slides}

Apologies to Tammy Wynette

OK, maybe, we pick a different song.

I’ve been in the server room so long
Singing the same old song
I know every disk, tape, and external optical drive
But backup’s the name of the game
But I’m running out of space just the same
And I’m erasing the media again
Just to make room for backups

There’s a load all over this system
And incrementals, I know I’ve missed ‘em
But data’s gonna be in the cloud
As a virtual standby maaaaa-chiiiiine. {Record skips now, needle slides}

Apologies to Glen Campbell

Cuz I’ve got friends in Cloud services
Where the standby goes and the switch-over-eses, chases my blues away
And I’ll be OK

Apologies to Garth Brooks

Had to make that rhyme!

Now that we’ve thoroughly kept your attention and ruined country music for you, look into the Cloud StandBy utility which creates and maintains an up-to-date dormant virtual machine from a backup or a production machine……and should disaster strike, switch-over into the cloud.

Join Matt and Robert as they take you through the machinations of having a virtual standby machine at the ready.

When: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 9am PT.

See you there!