New: Technology Alliance Partnership With Wasabi

Holistic Image Backup and Recovery with Actiphy’s ActiveImage Protector™ and Wasabi

Enterprises everywhere are feeling the strain of growth within their unstructured data storage. Data continues to accumulate year after year and is then spread across numerous devices and storage mediums. Managing all this data across these various mediums has become more than a full-time job. Organizations are searching for a holistic solution to data protection that incorporates all the ways data can be stored within the enterprise.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, high performance, and reliable cloud storage on-demand. At one-fifth the price and faster than first-generation cloud vendors, Wasabi’s hot cloud storage is designed with 99.999999999% of object durability and data immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be arbitrarily deleted or modified by anyone. In addition to being 80% less expensive than traditional cloud providers, there are also no fees for egress or API requests. By keeping all data “hot”, Wasabi makes data accessibility immediate. As a result, using Wasabi’s cloud storage with Actiphy’s ActiveImage Protector, upload window and restore times are significantly reduced thus providing a faster recovery.

Actiphy ActiveImage Protector™ A Complete System Backup & Recovery Solution

ActiveImage Protector™, a full-service data protection solution, is designed to provide fast and reliable backup and recovery for data across storage mediums. ActiveImage Protector provides both agent-based and agentless backup for virtual environments. Backups can be saved to any available storage location including local hard disks, USB memory, LTO tape, network storage, and now Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.
ActiveImage Protector restores your entire hard disk in a single operation. In the event of a hardware failure of the source machine, the system can be restored to disparate environments, be it virtual, physical, or cloud-based.
Any backup saved in Wasabi can be restored directly to a virtual machine in a cloud environment (EC2, Azure). ActiveImage Protector provides tools that are instrumental in reducing recovery time objectives (RTO).

Key Partnership Features

  • Direct-To-Cloud Backup saves backups directly to Wasabi cloud storage.
  • In-Cloud-Recovery, restore from Wasabi directly to virtual machines in Hyper-V, vSphere, or in a public-cloud environment (EC2, Azure)
  • Replicate backup images from NAS, HDD/SSD directly to Wasabi cloud storage

Key Benefits

  • Direct-to-Wasabi, not requiring capital expenditure for upfront storage hardware.
  • Cost effective, efficient, and trusted backup and disaster recovery (BDR)
  • Easy, quick, reliable, and secure cloud object storage.
  • Low-cost agent-based and agentless backup.

As a Wasabi Technology Alliance Partner, Actiphy has worked closely with Wasabi to validate interoperability for use with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage service to provide customers with a high performance and low-cost cloud storage, backup and recovery solution.