NetJapan Releases ActiveImage Protector™ 2018 Update 4 Now with Replication

Tokyo – NetJapan, Inc., publisher of disk imaging backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization software, announces the release of ActiveImage Protector™ 2018 Update 4, a backup and disaster recovery solution now with offsite replication features.

This update includes post-backup replication. Replicate completed backup image files to major cloud storage providers including Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

The newly enhanced BootCheck confirms that backup images are bootable and can be manually configured to run at a specified time.

New Features:

  • Backup Replication
    ActiveImage Protector includes offsite replication of backup image files. Replication can be configured to run as a post-backup process. Until now, replication was a feature limited to ImageCenter LE. Supported replication targets includes local storage, network storage, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, and major storage providers Amazon S3, Azure, One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Manual BootCheck
    By adding manual BootCheck™ to Image Manager, checking bootability of backup image files is simplified. BootCheck™ confirms that your backup images are bootable. Check bootability locally or on a remote Hyper-V or ESXi host. 
  • Extended HyperStandby Support for LVM Disks
    Create Standby Virtual Machines from Linux Logical Volume Manager backups directly into hypervisors to bring online for immediate switch-over.

Additional Features:

    • Fast online backup of a hard disk entirely including OS, applications, files, and configured settings.
    • Agent-based and agentless backup options.
    • Fastest full and incremental backup in the market.
    • HyperStandby™ uses NetJapan’s vStandby™ technology to create and maintain standby virtual machines from backup images for instant switch-over.
    • Inline Data Deduplication Compression™ (IDDC) drastically reduces storage requirements for backup images by eliminating duplicate data before compressing.
    • Strong encryption of backup images.
    • Online backup of SQL Server and Oracle databases.
    • Flexible backup schedule and image file generation management.
    • Image based backup for fast and secure recovery.
    • Individual file and folder recovery.

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