NetJapan releases ActiveImage Protector 2018: NetJapan’s flagship Backup and Recovery solution now includes Virtual Standby Availability (VSA)

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Tokyo – NetJapan, Inc. publisher of disk imaging backup, system disaster recovery, and

virtualization software, announces the release of ActiveImage Protector™ 2018.

NetJapan’s virtual standby availability technology, vStandby™, is now integrated into

ActiveImage Protector. Combining both image backup and VSA provides greater value

by incorporating the convenience of point-in-time switch-over, and dynamic recovery in

a single solution.

NetJapan’s Virtual Standby Availability Technology, creates and maintains dormant

point-in-time Virtual Standby Replicas (VSR) of physical or virtual source machines in

Hyper-V or VMware environments, and are ready for use; ensuring business continuity.

ActiveImage Protector 2018 includes task tools for verifying backup integrity and

bootability, and consolidating backup images, via post-backup processing. NetJapan’s

BootCheck™ provides confidence that your backup images are bootable, whether

restoring or virtualizing.

New features

  • Post-backup processing including BootCheck™ and consolidation
  • Virtual Standby Availability • Updated and improved P2V, V2P, P2P, and V2V processing
  • Enhanced Full-state file recovery retains access rights
  • Supports Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

ActiveImage Protector 2018 will be made available as following platforms: Server,

Hyper-V Enterprise, Cluster, Virtual, IT Pro, Desktop, and Linux editions. ActiveImage

Protector 5 will be available for home and small office users.