ActiveImage Protector offers a wide range of editions to meet your needs.

All ActiveImage Protector editions provide backup and restore but vary in terms of additional features. These features are dependent on differences applicable to the OS environment, edition, licensing scheme and purpose of use.

Function/Edition Server Desktop Linux for Cluster Virtual IT Pro
OS Windows Windows Desktop Linux WIndows
Major target Server Desktop Server Cluster Virtual Machine Server
License OS OS OS OS OS Technician
Agent based backup
Agent-less backup
Hot/Cold backup
Incremental Backup
Scheduled backup
ReZoom it!
Cluster Shared Volume
RDX auto eject

Function description

Agent based backupInstall a backup agent on the target machine to be backed up.
Agentless backupPerform backups without installing a backup agent on the target machine.
BootCheckAutomatically checks and confirms the bootability of the backup as a virtual machine.
vStandbyCreates a standby virtual machine from a physical or virtual machine.
ReZoom it!Individually restore a virtual machine from a backup image of a Hyper-V host.
Cluster Shared Volume support Continue backups in a clustered configuration, including shared disks.